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Hello friends old and new...
My e-mail was hacked the other day so apologises if you received a random URL However, judging by some of the responses, whatever the link was selling a few of you were interested!
Being serious though, if you clicked the link I would probably suggest running a virus scan / change your passwords just in case
All the best

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Rio de Janerio

Our last day.....

sunny 20 °C

Our last few days were approaching of our travels and there was no better place to spend it in Rio then Ipanema. We checked into a room at a really great hostel with a perfect location. We hit the beach, pounded the streets and chilled out...

The final day came and we checked into a really nice hotel to celebrate our travels together - it was reaaallllly nice to have a massive bed, a nice bath and dressing gowns!

View from our hotel over Ipanema beach

We were hoping for great weather and thankfully it came because we had a lot to do! This inclduded walking over to Sugar Loaf Mountain, having a last meal and packing our bags for the last time!

Our way up to Sugar Loaf Mountain

Looking away from Rio (not the most publicised sight seen!)

Looking towards Ipanema, Copacabana and Christ Redeemer just after sunset

Our last meal.......

The end of our last meal after several drinks!!!!

So that was it....travels over with. Now its time to read all through this again, check out our 7000+ photos and let the stories begin!

Until next time !!!!!

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Rio de Janerio

Santa Tereasa, Copacabana, Ipanema

sunny 24 °C

We totally relaxed on the island. We walked our socks off with the knowledge that a deserted beach would be our reward....Rio would be a little different!

Within an hour of arriving we headed straight out to a football game and the Macarana Stadium. The atmosphere was intense - the passion every person has for their team is a beautiful sight. We were surrounded by all ages and everyone of them had an opinion!

Enjoying the Brazilian past time

Kick off! The crowds were crazy!

With all that excitment out of the way, the following couple of days we tramped the streets of Centro and Santa Teresa. Ultimatley, Centro is like any other big city's financial hub, we only really ventured there beacuse of the food offerings and a few national sites...

Nic getting spiritual with one if many Cathedrals

We stayed the first 5 nights in Santa Teresa, surrounded by beautiful architechual charm and stunning streets paved with the orignal splender that once graced this area. Nowadays it's pretty run down, bar a few places, but it nicely ties in with Lapa, the Samba heart of Rio. We rode the rumbling tram a few times and hung off the edge when it was too busy - even over the aquaduct! Both of these areas are the bohemien centres with plenty of arts and crafts and random street parties to boot.

The scarey Aquaduct

The rickity old tram that trundles along!

The multi-coloured steps in Lapa

Our hostel way up in Santa Tereasa

When the weather was right we took a bus over to an icon for Rio!

The little chap known as Christ Redeemer!

He's actually quite small!!!!

Nic admiring the view...

Looking over Rio from Christ Redeemer

We packed our bags and said our goodbyes to the area by getting jiggy at one of the samba clubs in Lapa before heading over to Copacabana beach. Here we played football and chilled out on the beach and in the sea - the waves were fantastic!

A bit of football!

An awesome Samba club - the dancers were incredible. Like they didn't even think what they were doing it was so fluid..

For another day we headed over to the Favelas. This was exciting as whilst there the poilce decided to raid the area. Guns shots in the area = us high-tailing it out of there. When they go in they have the intention to kill. Not us please! We still managed to visit another area which was drug free due to its location. We got a real feel for what it would be like to live in these conditions (which have been greatly improved within the last year). Still if you thought arguing with your neighbours was annoying - I wouldn't like to try and get along with 50-75 others within a 20 metres radius!!

One of hundreds of Favelas in Rio

Armed police whilst visting the Favelas

After Copacabana we moved acorss to Ipanema....

Where girl from Ipanema was written

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Ilha Grande

Swimming, climbing, drinking

sunny 30 °C

We decided that after not seeing the sea for a few weeks it was about time we headed to the coast. A mini bus, two planes, two cabs, a coach and a boat later we were heading for the Brazil's third largest island.....! We deserved beautiful weather, sand, sea and alcohol after that monsterous journey.

On our way to the Island

We weren't disappointed!

David on top of the Island

The beach you can see below is often rated as one of the top 5 beaches in the world... it took David 3 hours to get up to the height above for a decent view! Not realising it before he set off, it was actually higher than Snowdon back in England. Adding to this we were walking in tropical rainforest for most of it - the humidity was intense. One of the hardest climbs - we had minimal water, two cookies and a third of banana each!

There are no cars on this Island and Lopes Mendes beach was a 2 hour walk away - this added to the pristene condition and miles away feel!

Lopes Mendes beach in the distant

Nic on Lopes Mendes

We joined a boat party and drank courtesy caiparinias all day...yum yum yummy.

BBQ on board with free caiparinias!

We came across this thing and knew we were still far away from home!!!

A huge bug and a classy way to show the scale!

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Iguazu Falls

Lots of water

sunny 25 °C

We caught an overnight bus to Foz do Iguazu, which was actually really comfortable. We dropped our stuff off and headed straight out to this waterfall we had heard all about.

The devils throat - from a helicopter

It was massive. Hundreds of waterfalls making one huge noise and a lot of spray!

Where all this water comes from!

There was a real end of the world feeling to this place. Both Argentina and Brazil share this impressive site and they've made it so accessible you can get right up close and personal with it.



Us getting very wet!


The second day in and around the falls we crossed the border into Argentina to get a better overview of the thing. Even though the water was deafening, in volume terms it was pretty low. We walked along the walkway so we could practically hang over the edge, our guide then pointed out how high the water is normally and how high it can get. Scarey. We would have been nearly underwater.... it must be breathtaking when that amount of water is rushing under your feet and cascading over the edge. It rammed home the devastating effect water can have when it gets a move on.

Further down the river we hoped on board a speed boat and crusied towards the falls. Only wearing pants and a rain jacket, we roared into the mist and white water above us. The pounding water knocked us about and we froze as the cold water soaked us in seconds...

You can just make out the boat - we got soaked!!!

Very end of the world feeling!

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