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We stayed here for a couple of days in the hope of doing a sky dive - it wasn't to be this time round but we'll hopefully still get one in, weather permitting! So, in the drizzling rain we went off exploring. We visited Taupo's rapids and experienced the volcano centre which was a little dated. The highlight's had to be the prawn farm. We can now officially claim to have eaten at the worlds only Geothermically heated freshwater prawn farm. The prawns were delicious and we quickly forgot we were meant to be jumping out of a plane.

Yum yum yummy

We also took a drive and caught a glimpse of Mount Ruapehu but we'll be visiting this place again very soon...

Well be seeing this volcano again - hopefully a lot closer

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After leaving Auckland we arrived late at night to the beautiful smell of eggs. This place is just full of thermal activity and was fascinating. We took in a cultural show, saw the Haka being performed plus we visited two places where we walked amongst bubbling mud pools, geysers and hot steaming pools exceeding temperatures of 100C! Even the ground we were walking on was warm/hot and for once Nic didn't have cold feet!

We couldn't see each other at some points as there was so much steam!

This goes off 10 times a day

We also relaxed in a Polynesian Spa, submerging ourselves in hot sulpher pools which were 42 degrees plus. Oohh and not forgetting the full body massage each - oooh! This travelling is sooo hard....


Getting ready for the massage in a stupidly big dressing gown!

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Back in Auckland

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We arrived back in Auckland after conquering the Northland and were yet again greeted by a very arm welcome from David's Aunt and Uncle. We spent another couple of days checking out the sprawling city including swish Davenport and high tailing it over to Rangitoto - a beautiful volcano island! We were treated to a good ol' english pub lunch by Meredith and Andy, David's cousins and enjoyed the afternoon nap that followed..

A good start - no signs of a forthcoming eruption

The start of a long lava tunnel!

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Golf and war canoes

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After bidding farewell to the best hostel ever we made our way to Pahia via Whangaroa. We climbed up St. Paul's Rock which was steep but the views were brilliant. We also visited Mangonui which is home to a world famous fish n chip shop. The fish was tasty but the chips were oven chips which in our book is just wrong - plus NO mushy peas! Tut tut!

View from St Paul's Rock

On the top


We stopped in Pahia for two nights and whilst here had a game of golf on a course which had the most perfect views nestled amongst the Bay of Islands. After a quick bite to eat we were off to the treaty house of Whangeri. This area witnessed the collaboration of Moari tribes and the British to rule the country together. A very interesting spot!



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The northern bit of the north

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After a delayed start due to Nic's foot and mouth infection we set off to explore Cape Reigna, borrowing Alan and Ann's car. Our first night was in a converted saw mill next to the first marine park of New Zealand. We enjoyed a visit to a boutique cinema coupled by a few drinks - amazing! We then stopped by a Kauri museum which was very interesting if not a little odd - they had a whole room dedicated to tree gum (which turned out to be excellent.....jurrassic park style) and also took a walk through what is left of the Kauri forests. These trees are bloody enormous! We visited one in particular called Father of the Forest (or in Moari Te Matua Ngahere) which had a circumference of 16.41m! Unfortunately there just aren't many Kauri trees left as the first settlers went mad and chopping them all down, which is an impressive feat in itself considering their size...

Kauri gum

Te Matua Ngahere

After all these trees we drove to Ahipara and stayed in the best hostel yet whilst travelling. The hostel was gorgeous, our room had uninterrupted views over the sea and the southern most section of 90 mile beach. We could relax and watch the sun set views from our room or stoll to the end of the garden and admire them from the beach, it was heaven! Whilst staying here we drove up to Cape Reigna for the day. The views were fantastic, we could see the Tasman and Pacific Seas meeting the whole scene was picture perfect.

Endless Summer Lodge - the best hostel ever!

The number one spot in NZ for surfing!

The sunset at Ahipara

Cape Reigna

We also tried a spot of sandboarding on the massive dunes but it was a little slow, we had taboggins which were really the safer way. We later realised why this was the best option considering the speed we saw some peope going down. We know peope who are now back home because of seriously injuring themselves from it!



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