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After arriving in Auckland at 1am we were a bit bedragled when we met up with David's aunt and cousin; Ann and Meredith the following day. We had a quick tour of Auckland and visited Mt. Eden one of the city's extinct volcanoes. It had great views of the city and a pretty impressive crater - we were on the volcano island now!

Over the next couple of days we took a visit to the museum, went out to the theatre for a taster of Auckland's comedy festival and, thanks to Alan and Ann we thoroughly relaxed in our new home away from home!

Auckland's Sky Tower

One of many volcanoes with Auckland in the background

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A few more days in Christchurch

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We had a couple of days in Christchurch before our flight to Auckland, so we took the opportunity to see Banks Peninsula. It was only a short drive from the city centre yet was such a contrast. This area was the result of volcanic eruptions and has steep grassy hills, windy roads and secluded bays - it was beautiful and had great views over Christchurch. We headed to Akaroa, a pretty French influenced harbour town - here we chilled out and soaked up the atmosphere.


Drinks before our 2nd or 3rd curry in Christchurch......

We also visited the Antartic Centre which was interesting but really a rip off! The blizzard room was really good fun and we experienced what it would be like in a snow storm in the Antartic, it was a bit nippy to say the least!


And so that was the South Island. We were sent off from Christchurch airport with a spectacular sunset before the short journey to Auckland.

Bye bye Christchurch

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Arthur's Pass and Narnia!

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We were now working our way slowly back to Christchurch and crossed over the Southern alps for the last time via Arthur's Pass. This was very dramatic with all the switchbacks and eerie surrounds of cloud and mist. We pulled into a great little campsite and settled there for the evening surrounded by mountains and a dry riverbed. An hour or so later we were fighting for our spot with a several keas which are mountain parrots. They're curious little blighters and are known to wreak havoc wherever they go, pinching walkers bag covers, food and even snapping aerials and wipers off cars. Soon enough they were under the campervan and on the roof testing the vans durability. After trying to get rid of them on more then one occasion, we knew they wouldn't give up! Needless to say we decided it was best to move on and ended up stopping a bit nearer Arthur's Pass village, which was kea free!



We took our time getting to Christchurch the following day and as we waved goodbye to the mountains we found Narnia! Well, at least a spot where they did some of the filming. We had a walk round and found an enormous cave - neither of us felt inclined to get soaking wet up to our waists in the freezing water so admired it from just inside the entrance! The whole area was quite incredible and we soon came across a field with the biggest boulders we'd ever seen. These babies were as big as houses and just in the middle of nowhere! Rock climbing/bouldering heaven!

On our way down to the caves


Big rocks!

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Buller Gorge and Pancake Rocks

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After bidding farewell to Bec we hit the road and headed towards Buller Gorge, home to New Zealand's longest swing bridge! It was pissing it down the whole way but the scenery was still very dramatic as we weaved along the road through the gorge. We took a stroll across the see through bridge and decided to return a slightly different way via a zip line. Nic opted for the chair and David did the trip superman style!

New Zealand's longest swing bridge - woo hoo!

Preparing to return over the gorge

We stopped over in Punakaiki that night and next morning visited the Pancake Rocks. These were pretty amazing rock formations (funnily enough lbecause they looked like pancakes!!) with blow holes and a very rough sea beneath them. It was quite eerie hearing deep thuds beneath our feet and seeing huge spurts of sea spray bellowing out between rocks. Magical.



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After a quick check of our emails we were surprised to learn that David's cousin, Bec lived in Motueka, so whilst there we thought we'd drop by! We ended up stopping for a couple of nights and were made to feel extremely welcome. Our campervan was in the garden as we relaxed in front of the wood burner and watched some telly - it was heaven!

Thank you!

Camping at Bec's house!

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